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Being the very first post on the website, I should probably talk a bit about how and why this website was made.

It’s July 2020. I have just finished a third draft of a new sci-fi novel with a working title of Cybernetic Soul. It is now with my editor – Elizabeth Bailey.

After my first novel, Malspire, I was a little disheartened to discover that it was not easy to make money writing – who would have guessed? The book got pretty good reviews and people seemed to genuinely like it, but I was pooped from writing and just gave up. As an indie publisher, what you learn is that writing the book is only half the job. The rest is selling it.

Now, years later, I have written a second novel. This time I have neutral expectations. I suspect that it will do fine. Fine means something between selling ten copies and a million copies, so no commitment on my part.

I will write a longer post after this with more detail on why I am writing it now, how and what my real expectations are.

Part of my new plan is to promote myself a bit more. In the past I have promoted brands such as Artisu or DicingDangers. Now I am going to try Nikolai Bird as a brand. As we all know, a brand needs a website so here it is.

For hosting, I have been using siteground for years. No complaints with them. For the blogging software I am using the venerable WordPress which is great. I am also trying out the theme OceanWP by Nick – So far so good.

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