Elf paper miniature

I created this paper elf miniature for fun and for an upcoming D&D adventure. One of the characters is an elf with a bow. Imagine that!

Dwarf Paper Mini

A 25mm dwarf paper mini for games like DnD – Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer, Role-playing games – RPG etc.

DnD Pathfinder Tokens and Pogs

I have had a need for some tokens recently and so I made these. They are one inch in diametre with a 2mm wooden base and a 3mm acrylic top. They look very cool in the hand.

I tried them out at a recent game of Dungeons & Dragons. They were very popular, but, although the thick acrylic top is very classy, the DM had a bit of trouble seeing who was who from an angle.

Paper Miniatures – Pawns

I just made my first paper miniature. I drew it front and back and intend to use it in a game of D&D. Both Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons use these miniatures and I wanted to create a printable paper mini. I think they are called pawns in Pathfinder.