Hi! My name is Nikolai Bird, I am a designer, maker, writer and creator. I work professionally making things every day from digital product designs and games to aesthetic artworks and illustrations.

  • I have sold over 1500 paintings all over the world
  • I have illustrated four childrens books
  • I have written two novels
  • I built my house
  • I have made products for the UN, Warner Brothers, Adobe, Samsung and many more well known brands
  • I have managed and mentored teams of designers

I have done a lot, but there is much, much more to come.

For much of my work I have specific websites:

Artisu.com for visual artwork
DicingDangers.com for illustrations and games
Mubu.uk for product design work
NikolaiBird.com for written work and more general Nikolai stuff

There is a Facebook page for my writing work.
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Finally please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you.